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The Aceba Project

In Afghanistan

Crop control, farmers registration, and implementation of HACCP protocols in processing centers. Preparation for obtaining GFSI food safety certificates.

In Europe

Counter-analysis in approved laboratories on artificial colorants, presence of gardenia, crocin, humidity, microbiology, pathogens, heavy metals, pesticides, Ochratoxin A, and aflatoxins.

In the World

Exhaustive traceability control with the collaboration of international expert consultants to ensure the highest quality and the guarantee of purity and origin of the product.


The ACEBA project is an export-oriented competitiveness and economic growth program within the USAID/Afghanistan portfolio.

Many Afghan firms lack the competitive strength to maintain commercial viability in a distortion-free market, let alone to capture opportunities in export markets. The flagship economic growth project in USAID/Afghanistan’s portfolio, the Afghanistan Competitiveness of Export-Oriented Businesses Activity (ACEBA) project works to increase the competitiveness of export-oriented businesses, through a combination of key value chain support activities and export acceleration facilities designed to promote sustainable nationwide economic growth.


The actions ACEBA is carrying out in Afghanistan are resulting in a whole strategic sector of the Afghan industry that involves thousands of people, primarily women, benefiting from a project that, in the short-medium term, plans to give visibility to a sector that can supply a real culinary jewel to the international markets.

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